Quest for the Shyn Emeralds (Taranauts)

Quest for the Shyn Emeralds (Taranauts)

Author : Roopa Pai
Brand: Hachette India
Product Code: 9789380143514
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Exactly where earth and sky meet lies a whole different universe called Mithya. In Mithya is a great ocean, Dariya, and from it rises Kay Laas, the mighty, moody volcano. At its top, is the home of the absolute Ruler of Mithya, the brave and kind Shoon Ya. He rules over the eight worlds that bob peacefully in Dariya, lit by the Tarasun and its 32 stars that light each world in a different colour - emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red...But danger lurks beneath the surface. In the fiery lands under the ocean bed, is imprisoned Shoon Ya's evil twin, the fearsom demon Shaap Azur, just as powerful but All Bad. How much longer can Shoon Ya keep him under control? Not too long. When Shaap Azur escapes, he seizes all the stars, leaving Mithya's eight words in darkness. The people of Mithya are horrified and separate, until three young, brave children of Mithya, gifted with special abilities come to their rescue.

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