Taranauts 7: The Search For The Glytr Turquoise

Taranauts 7: The Search For The Glytr Turquoise

Author : Roopa Pai
Brand: Hachette India Local
Product Code: 9789350095461
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INR: 299.0
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Join the intrepid taranauts on their most formidable mission as the action shifts into high gear on glytr's terror trail! mithya's eight worlds - shyn, lustr, sparkl, glo, dazl, shimr, syntilla and glytr - were plunged into darkness when the wicked shaap azur captured all its 32 stars. There was no hope until zarpa, tufan and zvala - three bright and brave taranauts with special gifts - set out to bring back light and cheer to mithya. Six times they have been stretched to the limit, and six times - undaunted by mind-boggling riddles, monsters and mayhem - the taranauts have returned successful. Now they are headed for the razzle-dazzle of glytrâ€s capital city, boom bolly bay, where, unknown to them, shaap azur has changed the rules of the terror game. Can the taranauts save a hazillion unsuspecting glytrkos from ‘bubbling, burbling deathâ€? will zarpa succeed in preventing a terrible tragedy at the bel nolo inter-world cup final? and where in the world has shaap imprisoned max moolah, the 15-octon-old heir to bbbay's biggest fortune? will the turquoises shine down on glytr again? read and find out!

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