Meddling Mooli and the BlueLegged Alien

Meddling Mooli and the BlueLegged Alien

Author : Asha Nehemiah
Brand: Puffin
Product Code: 9780143331841
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Murali Krishnan aka Mooli: a boy whose meddling ways get him into trouble all the time.
Supriya George aka Soups: a girl who loves reading and has plenty of smart ideas.
They are best friends on a mission.
To win a prize on the website WAYOUTS
[World’s As Yet Original Untried Tricks and Stunts]
So they try out many untried tricks and stunts. And mess up the house. And trouble their parents. And create ruckus in their neighbourhood.
But do they eventually win the prize?
Pick up this easy- to- read book and find out how Meddling Moolie and Soups ‘shoot’ a neighbour, discover a blue-legged alien and have some awesome, super cool adventures.

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