Reignited Volume 2: Emerging Technologies of Tomorrow

Reignited Volume 2: Emerging Technologies of Tomorrow

Author : Srijan Pal Singh
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Do you want to design futuristic self-driving cars? Be the first to communicate with extraterrestrial life? Find concrete solutions to global warming? Following the success of Reignited: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future, Srijan Pal Singh pens yet another significant book for students. This second volume bares all about some exciting and cutting-edge fields in sciences, such as automobiles; energy; astrobiology; environment and defense technologies; and a lot more! This groundbreaking book will provide young readers with a whole new world of ideas, inspiration and inputs from pioneers in fields that have shaped the world, helping them think out of the box and make a difference in the future. A must-have guidebook for all budding scientists who are looking to change the world through careers in science and technology!

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