Five Lies My Teacher Told Me: Success Tips For The New Generation

Five Lies My Teacher Told Me: Success Tips For The New Generation

Author : Chandan Deshmukh
Brand: Westland
Product Code: 9789386850607
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Success Tips For the New Generation Has your teacher ever told you any of the following? Choose: 1) You don't have studies in your genes. 2) You are a student. Do nothing but study. 3) You are incapable of achieving anything. 4) All of the above. Here's the good news. They are all LIES. Success might mean different things for different people, but wanting success is universal. And you can achieve the heights of success, regardless of what you've been told. In this wonderful new book by the best-selling author of Six Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You, success is unpacked and its many secrets defined in simple terms. The lessons of Five Lies My Teacher Told Me are simple. They are easy to put into action from Day 1. And they are guaranteed to take you where you belong.

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